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Moore Leo Feature

What is the state of health and wellness for Black LGBTQ/SGL individuals? What is the path forward for our community’s collective health and wellness?

Leo Moore, MD, MSHPM Robert Wood Johnson Clinical Scholar/UCLA Co-Chair – Los Angeles Chapter of the Black Treatment Advocates Network (BTAN)/Black AIDS Institute Heart disease. Cancer. Strokes. Diabetes. Kidney Disease. Homicide. HIV/AIDS. These are the most important health issues facing Black Americans today and they don’t discriminate based on one’s sexual orientation or gender identity. The current state of health …

Williams Feature

How has NBJC impacted you personally and professionally?

Toni-Michelle Williams Internship Coordinator, Solutions NOT Punishment Coalition and the Trans* Leadership Connection Internship Program The 2nd Annual OUT on the Hill Black LGBT Leadership Summit in 2011 was my first LGBT conference and first experience with the National Black Justice Coalition (NBJC). I remember it so vividly, because my feet were hurting so bad as I made way to …

Bailey Feature

What is the value of using an intersectional lens as a leader working to make progress in your community and the nation?

Dr. Van Bailey Inaugural Director, Harvard College BGLTQ Student Life stylist for bklyn boyhood Social Justice Educator and Brown Boi As a leader, it is critical to understand the nuances of intersectionality in our work. My fear is that this theoretical lens is being washed down in our daily rhetoric. While, it is important to understand that we bring multiple …

Maldonado Feature

What is the most pressing political and social justice issue faced by Black LGBTQ/SGL youth?

Gabriel Maldonado CEO/Executive, TruEvolution, Inc. Commissioner, Riverside Human Relations Commission One of the most pressing political and social justice issues facing Black LGBTQ youth is the lack of economic stability and empowerment. We cannot even begin to address systemic and chronic issues of injustice without addressing the injustices in our own homes. Youth without the means to combat poverty, access …

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